Primarily a self-taught photographer, I actually first picked up a camera at a relatively late age. Although I'm fully aware that having an academic knowledge of the technical and aesthetic aspects of photography is essential, I'm also a firm believer in learning by doing. Passion for the art is most significant, and what really drives me. My principal tenets of photography are these: One, training yourself to really see the world around you, and not being satisfied with just “looking” at it. Two, constantly learning to study and appreciate this incredible living thing called light, and the absence of it. And finally, striving to always be better by pushing yourself, which usually means making some “mistakes” along the way. If you decide to succumb to its addictive grip, photography will be a life-long education.

I'm a native New Yorker, technically a native Queensite, and grew up and still live in the predominately working class neighborhood of Corona, very close to a place that was once called Shea Stadium. I'm also a believer in reincarnation, and I know I have lived, or will live at least two other lives – One as a Rastafarian. And the other as a singer with a voice that is a mixture of Otis Redding, William Bell, Felix Cavaliere, Howlin’ Wolf, and Sam Cooke. All of that, and the ability to play blues harp like Paul Butterfield. Sweet...!!